GC Tyres are manufactured for the driving enthusiast.We have developed it after intensive research on tyre's design and applications for global conditions.Our tyre sizing,tread pattern and tyre compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting edge technology.

GC Tyres are manufactured in a state- of-the-art facility using nano-technology,quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures to provide you with smoother,cooler and comfortable ride with high mileage.

GC Tyres is a part of UAE based group who is in tyre business for over 30 years catering its global clients with superior quality tyres to meet their requirements.GC Tyres are developed with the independent tyre dealers and their valued customers in mind.

We strive to be leader in the tyre business by differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering exceptional service and superior brand through the most knowledgeable trained staff in the industry.Our mission is to provide our customers with not just the highest quality products,but unparalleled,exceptionally high value products at a reasonable price.

At GC Tyres,it is our commitment to establish and build long term relationships with our valued customers through professional and dedicated members of our team.Our team is completely dedicated to giving each and every customer an exceptional experience.It's not enough to gratify our customers,but to persuade everyone that there will be no reason for them to consider another competitor for tyres.


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